Adventures in Motorcycling, Part Four

After bidding Sedona a fond farewell, we hit the road traveling towards Flagstaff, Arizona.  Now, I know this was my mom and dad’s favorite place to stay whenever they would head out of town but to me, it just doesn’t hold the same appeal.  I suppose they best part to her was just spending time alone with my dad and now that he’s gone, those memories make Flagstaff seem even more magical. But for me, I was ready to just blow on by. Well, after my coffee and snacks, of course.  It was chilly on the road so when we stopped to fuel, I was drooling for something hot to warm me up and something nutritious and filling like, TaDa! Pork Rinds!

  And to ensure that I would be able to drink my coffee while riding and not have it spew up in my face, voila!  Straws work wonderfully!

We drove a bit further and between the cold and the wind, Robert felt it was a good time to stop at the Harley store nearby and pick up a full faced helmet. The winds were pretty gusty so he also got me a hoodie to wear under my leather because I was freezing my patootie off. It’s no fun on a bike if you can’t hear the open road over your chattering teeth…

Robert decided it would be a fun idea to take historic Route 66 for a stretch so we hopped on and rode it until we came upon this-Route 66 all in gravel.

  So, we both said Screw that, and turned ourselves back from whence we came.
    This was a teeny tiny entry way that only one vehicle could fit through at a time.

After driving for a ways (I can’t say how long because i was so wind whipped) we managed to find ourselves back on Route 66 but on much better road.  It was quite enjoyable, actually.

                Then we landed in Kingman.  Ohh, Kingman, my aren’t you a hot, windy part of Arizona.  I’ll admit, at that point, I was ready to just be in Laughlin already.  I was tired of the heat, wind…just plain tired.  I was looking forward to trying my luck at the casino and I knew Robert had gotten us a nice room for the night so I was excited.  But Laughlin was sooo far away, it seemed.

 Want a shot of Courtney on the rocks?  

We stopped for  bathroom break and I was about to start clicking my heels to see if  it would whisk me away out of that heat.

I have to say, Robert has never given me crap for always needing pit stops.  It doesn’t matter if it’s because I need to use the restroom, stretch my legs, get something to drink-whatever.  He will always stop when I need to and boy, am I thankful!

We finally made it to the Aquarius in Laughlin, Nevada and I don’t remember much about that little stretch except we were passed by this couple on their motorcycle-she was in here little booty shorts, hair long and flying in the wind with no helmet, big sunglasses and a hoodie.  I was young once, not too terribly long ago but all I could think was Damn, that girl is going to have one giant dreadlock that will be impossible to brush through and where’s the helmet?  Little shorts?  That cute little booty and those long legs will get eaten up if he lays that bike down…Put on some clothes, for the love of Pete!! Thankfully, they made it to hotel with no issues and her booty remained unscathed.


We waited in the Check-In line behind a group of European tourists and I couldn’t help but think that they were bound to be disappointed staying in this place.  It’s not bad, as far as the casino atmosphere goes but it was very smokey.  Maybe they loved it, I don’t know, I guess I just have preferences and I get persnickety when I’m hot and tired.

Our room was gorgeous-two separate areas, king sized bed, a great view of the river, and a full kitchen.  As soon as we got in and cleaned up we were ready to eat so we headed to the buffet.  Now, when I started this trip, I was on a diet, more specifically a low carb diet.  I let myself enjoy a date shake at the beginning of the trip with the intention of jumping right back in with my diet. I did pretty well for the most part until the BUFFET!

Pastries, cakes, and cookies, oh my!

All bets were off.

4 mimosas and a couple of plates like this were pure Heaven!

 After eating, we looked around the casino to see what there was to play. NO Blackjack?! What in the HELL?  There were acres of poker tables and endless rows of slot machines but there were only a few black jack tables that practically had tumble weeds tucked under the chairs.  I was so disappointed.

I played a few slot machines but promptly lost my money and deemed this casino my least favorite.  I pouted for awhile and decided I was ready for bed.  Honestly, I was over-tired and really just needed to sleep. I think Laughlin would probably be fun for me as a Girl’s Weekend type of getaway where all we did was drink and talk but as a gambling destination, it’s on the bottom of my list.



It was so windy outside, I could barely open my eyes.

After a good night’s sleep (and several mimosas for me in the morning), we were packed up and headed off  to Joshua Tree, California-one of my favorite places to visit.

8 thoughts on “Adventures in Motorcycling, Part Four

  1. Here’s a tidbit for you: Route 66 was originally surveyed by Major Wayne and 25 of the Camp Verde camels. Aren’t the connections in this world wonderful?

    Not only have I never had a date shake, I’ve never heard of a date shake. This needs exploring!


    • That’s very interesting; I had no idea!

      And having a date shake should be on your to do list-as a child, dates always looked like cockroaches to me so I wasn’t interested in actually eating them. Who knew they’d be one of my favorite treats as an adult!


  2. What a great post! I have been dreaming about making a motorcycle trip out west and take Route 66 through New Mexico and Arizona. I’ll live vicariously through your posts for now! Be safe…


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