Adventures in Motorcycling, Part Two

We left the hotel for the next part of our trip and headed over to get a bite to eat.  Drinking is one of my most favorite pastimes so I was well acquainted with the need for bacon to fill my aching tummy after our night on Whiskey Row.  We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and discussed how long our drive would be as well as the rain clouds that were looming overhead.  Yes,  we would be in for a wet ride today.

 The clouds were gorgeous, but sure enough, we got rained on for most of the way to our first stop in Jerome, Arizona.

Jerome is an unusual little town that has houses built into the side of the mountain.  It would have been quite an experience to do more exploring but I urged Robert to get us back on the road and head to Sedona (only 10 minutes after we paid to visit the Jerome museum) because I really wasn’t outfitted for rain.  We were, however,  able to take a few pictures in front of the sprawling landscape of the Black Hills.

 Back on the bike and on our way to Sedona!  I was loving the clouds even though they were becoming increasingly dark and threatening.  My ears were starting to freeze which reminded me how ill prepared I was for anything other than Southern California weather.  Pshaw, weather…we’re in a drought-what’s rain again?  Something of legends.

 Isn’t it gorgeous? If only I could bottle the aroma of fresh rain on asphalt with a hint of gasoline notes to highlight the rumble of a Harley on the open road.  That’s bliss, I tell you!


Just as I was about to take off my gloves and shove them up inside my helmet to protect my freezing ears, we arrived in Sedona.  Oh happy day!

 We promptly located our hotel and found a place to park.  I wish I had gotten a picture of Robert when he first got off the bike because he was drenched.  My man was also my windshield because the ankles of my jeans were barely wet while he was soaked up to his knees-even his ass was soggy.  Of course I laughed, being the slightly wicked individual that I am.  Alas, I was too busy delighting in his misery to think of taking a picture.

We got ourselves checked in and sweetheart that he is, Robert let them know that our trip was also a celebration of my 40th birthday. The receptionist reached behind her and produced a bottle of wine and two glasses and wished me a Happy Birthday.  That’s some top-notch service in my book.

Our room with a view was quite comfortable and provided us with the relaxation we desired.

  Notice he’s barely taking off his shoes and I already have half of the bottle gone.  That’s how I roll.

  We had little bursts of sunshine as the clouds ran off, but they quickly returned and brought more rain.      I was a bit tired and convinced Robert that we should stay in and enjoy the views from our room while eating some delivery pizza.  Of course, I drank the whole bottle myself (minus a few sips I allowed him to have) and sank myself into the bed while watching a couple of episodes of Dance Moms.  Did I mention that he’s a good sport?  If not, let me tell you now, he puts up with me and my shenanigans and still talks to me the next day.  That’s a good guy, right there.

  At some point, I passed out from exhaustion (and wine) and woke up well rested and ready to embrace a brand new day exploring Sedona.

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